Strategic Initiatives

The ForumIn December 2016, a task force met with the goal to reimagine how IUPUI can support advances in the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Recommendations from the task force included the creation of physical space to support learning, instruction, leadership, and innovation. The Faculty Forum will be that space and will be located adjacent to the Center for Teaching and Learning. It will help to satisfy faculty members’ need for community beyond the department or school and is designed to foster collaboration and creativity in the areas outlined by the task force.

Course in Effective Teaching Practices: As we recruit and prepare to welcome new faculty to IUPUI, consider incorporating the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) Course in Effective Teaching Practices into your offer packages or as a recruitment incentive. The course recently has been featured in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning and has incorporated research from cognitive psychology and the learning sciences into the design of 25 online modules that span five domains. The course includes more than 180 brief instructional videos that help faculty to view and reflect upon examples of faculty teaching real students in real classrooms, augmented by expert commentary offered by researchers. While the course is still relatively new, a pilot study of its effectiveness suggests that faculty completing the course use more active learning techniques, connect better with their students, and help students to persist. Outcomes such as these are particularly important for supporting student learning and success at IUPUI – a cornerstone of our strategic plan. 

The course modules are quite comprehensive and address many topics important to student learning and success. Because the ACUE course modules are online, they can be completed at any time and thus provide an ideal complement to our own “in person” programming. Endorsed by the American Council on Education, ACUE offers a Certificate in Effective College Instruction to faculty that successfully complete the course.

The ACUE course tuition is $1250 per faculty member. The Office of Academic Affairs has earmarked funds to support half of this cost for up to 20 faculty in 2018 and 20 faculty in 2019, and we will engage in a program evaluation in 2019 to help determine whether to continue this initiative. If you are interested in providing this opportunity to faculty appointed in 2018, please contact Karen Lee, director of academic affairs and strategic initiatives in the Office of Academic Affairs (ude[dot]iupui[at]2eelk; 274-2215) prior to April 1, 2018.

Next Generation 2.0 Program In keeping with the IUPUI Strategic Plan and goals to retain and develop a diverse pool of talent to lead the institution into the future, a leadership development initiative, Next Generation 2.0, was announced in January 2015. IUPUI Next Generation 2.0 is an intensive nine-month leadership development program designed to prepare faculty and professional staff who are women and/or members of underrepresented populations for positions of leadership and opportunities for advancement at IUPUI and in higher education.

Leadership: Kathy Grove, Karen Bravo, Gina Sanchez Gibau

IU eText Initiative: IU eTexts are more than digital copies of traditional textbooks. They are tools that help reduce the cost of education while enhancing student learning both in and outside the classroom.

Watch a video on the value of the program for our students

IUPUI Pre-Proposal Review Process for New Degrees and New Free-Standing Certificates: IUPUI is a diverse, large, and growing campus. It is important that new degrees and free-standing certificates serve the mission and goals of the proposing school while not causing harm to other schools. Degrees should, therefore, serve the mission and strategic goals of the campus as a whole. Further, given enhanced scrutiny by state entities, it is also important that new programs are sustainable financially. Effective July 1, 2017, a pre-proposal application is to be submitted before approval to move forward with a full proposal. 

Learn about the pre-proposal process and submit your application