Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding eDossier at IUPUI

In 2015-16, eDossier was implemented university-wide as a uniform system for faculty to submit their dossiers for promotion and/or tenure review. For the 2017-18 P&T cycle, all faculty and librarians at IUPUI will use eDossier (except the School of Medicine, who will be using the existing IUPUI electronic process for 2017-2018 and transition to eDossier for the 2018-2019 cycle). Below are answers to some questions candidates may have after reviewing documents on our eDossier Resources page.

  • Why don't I have a submit button when I've uploaded the required documents to the general folder?

    The submit button is currently disabled for the IUPUI campus. The button will become active as the submission deadlines get closer.

  • Can my department chair review my dossier before it is submitted?
    Yes. Your department chair has administrative access that allows him or her to look at any documents you upload to eDossier at any time.
  • Can my assistant upload documents to my eDossier for me?
    Yes. You can use the 'Assign a Candidate Delegate' feature to give anyone with an IU Username the ability to add or replace files in your eDossier. However, only the candidate can actually submit the dossier.  We advise all candidates using a delegate to make sure they've fully reviewed their entire dossier for submitting because the candidate and the candidate alone is solely responsible for content included.
  • Can I give my colleague access to view my eDossier so they can give me feedback on it? 
    Yes. You can use the 'Assign a Guest' feature to give anyone with an IU Username the ability to view the files in your eDossier.
  • Once I've submitted my dossier, how can I add additional information about a grant/publication/award/etc. I just received?
    After you submit your dossier for review, the Supplemental Items folder will appear and you can upload any additional materials in PDF format to the Supplemental Supporting Items subfolder. Once you route the additional material, prior levels will be notified that you have added an additional item for review. Each review level will have the opportunity to add a response letter; re-vote, if need be; or simply acknowledge receipt of the addition.  Please follow the instructions regarding additional material, what can and can't be added, found in the P&T Guidelines.
  • I'm a tenure candidate and have received a negative majority vote and want to request reconsideration.  How do I do that?
    Upload your reconsideration document to the Supplemental Items  folder and route it. The review level that gave the negative majority vote will receive a notification and have the opportunity to add a response letter; re-vote, if need be; or simply acknowledge receipt.
  • I'm a promotion and/or tenure candidate from the School of Medicine, how do I submit my dossier?
    School of Medicine will use the eDossier system beginning with the 2018-2019 cycle. Refer to the school's guidelines for 2017-2018.