Faculty Classification

The academic work of Indiana University is done by individuals holding academic appointments in different classifications. The classification chosen is directly associated with the responsibilities of the faculty member.

To find a brief description of requirements, limitations, and benefits for the faculty type you are considering, choose that type in the top drop-down, and click on “View Results.” To compare two types, make a choice in both drop-downs before clicking on “View Results.”

For approval to extend an offer, an aggregated packet must include a draft offer letter, the candidate’s cv, letters of reference, the appropriate cover sheet, and any other required items for the particular type of hire intended.  This applies to all the appointment types below.

Decision points for a faculty appointment - Faculty Career Timelines. (Click here for appointments in the School of Medicine, which has a longer probationary period for tenure-track faculty)

Tenured and Tenure Track 

Tenured and tenure-track faculty are responsible for teaching, research, and service. Through this work, and through their participation in faculty governance, tenure-track faculty and librarians have primary responsibility for the accomplishment and the integrity of the University’s academic mission. Titles are Professor/Librarian, Associate Professor/Associate Librarian, and Assistant Professor/Assistant Librarian. Initial Appointment may be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Clinical Track

Clinical appointments are those in which the primary duties are teaching and providing professional service in the clinical setting. Titles are Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, and Assistant Clinical Professor. Initial Appointment may be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Lecturer Track

Lecturers are responsible for teaching, and for research and service that support teaching. Titles are Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. Initial Appointment may be for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Research Track 

Scientists/Scholars are responsible solely for research. Titles are Senior Scientist/Scholar, Associate Scientist/Scholar, Assistant Scientist/Scholar, or alternatively, Senior Research Professor, Associate Research Professor, Assistant Research Professor. These are individuals who have the terminal degree.

Research Associates are individuals who normally do not have the terminal degree, and work under the direction of a faculty member or scientist/scholar doing research.

Initial Appointment is for 1 year.

  • No offer packet is required for Research Track

Visiting Track

Any class of faculty may be hired in visiting status for one year, and renewed for a second year. Visiting faculty are not tenure-track or tenured.

Associate (Adjunct) Faculty

These are individuals hired for only teaching on a less than full-time basis, usually one semester at a time. They are strictly limited to FTE - if in a ten month position, to 67%, or if in a twelve month position, to 47%. There is no formal search requirement, and the approval for these appointments is entirely within the school or department. However, it is strongly suggested that the following template is used when formalizing an appointment for associate faculty.

Emeritus and Retiree Status

The aggregated packet should contain the items as outlined in the Faculty Guide and be emailed to AAO.

Academic Specialist

Individuals with academic responsibilities who do not themselves offer courses for credit or act as principal investigators in research. Initial Appointment is for 1 year.

Professor of Practice

This classification is appropriate for individuals who have achieved excellence in a field of practice, and who have attained a position of regional, national and even international prominence. Professors of Practice may be assigned instructional responsibilities, along with activities in support of student development and placement.

  • No offer packet is required for Professor of Practice

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Schools frequently receive funding to endow faculty, giving the faculty member a title reflective of the endowment (i.e., the John Adams Professorship in American History). In order to award an endowed title to a faculty member, there is a specific process to be followed, similar to submission of an offer packet for a new hire. This packet consists of:

  • Letters of nomination/recommendation from the department chair and school dean;
  • Current cv of the faculty member being nominated;
  • A brief description of the endowment;
  • Six external letters of recommendation.

This aggregated packet should be emailed to AAO. It will then be submitted to the Titled Professors Committee for their review and recommendation. If positive, the packet is then sent to the Chief Academic Officer and to the Chancellor for their review and approval. Finally, the nomination is reported to the Board of Trustees and the University President.

Community and International Volunteers

Frequently individuals in the local or international community provide important service to our faculty and students and to the campus mission, in a manner that justifies recognition by assigning an honorary title. At IUPUI, these titles include: