Mentoring Academy

Mentoring Academy


When an academic culture promotes mentoring, all involved in the process benefit. Whether faculty are new to academia, long-time IUPUI faculty members, or anywhere in between, mentoring relationships can offer social and career support, leadership development, and job satisfaction. The benefits of a mentoring culture combine to create an environment where unlimited success is possible.

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Mentoring Symposium

Upcoming Events

The 2019 annual IUPUI Mentoring Symposium is coming up. Information and registration will be posted soon.

Past Events

The Mentoring Academy began with a series of campus-wide events, providing information on best practices and resources to help schools formulate school- or department-level mentoring programs. Since 2014, the Mentoring Academy has also hosted an annual Mentoring Symposium, featuring national speakers and IUPUI mentoring program reports.

Click here to view the Mentoring Academy Archive in IUPUI ScholarWorks.

Mentoring Academy Archive

The Mentoring Academy Archive is part of IUPUI ScholarWorks and contains funded program proposals, presentations given at Mentoring Academy events, and past issues of the Mentoring Memorandum. In addition to making these materials openly available to the world, IUPUI ScholarWorks provides authors and presenters with usage statistics that can provide evidence of their work’s impact. Other mentoring-related resources are available here.

Click here to view the Mentoring Academy Archive in IUPUI ScholarWorks.