Mentoring Academy

Mentoring Academy

When an academic culture promotes mentoring, all involved in the process benefit. New faculty who find their vocations strengthened with social as well as career development, to mid-level faculty who are able to both acquire and deliver leadership skills, to senior-level faculty who are respected for their contributions to the academic institution - all of these combined give rise to an environment where unlimited success is possible.

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Upcoming Workshops

Mentoring Academy Symposium: Surviving the Terrain of the Mid-Career Faculty Experience

The Mentoring Academy Symposium will feature keynote speaker, Dr. Deborah DeZure, advisor to the provost, Michigan State University, who will address the mentoring needs of mid-career faculty. Mentoring Academy school representatives, mid-career faculty and their mentors as well as other interested campus colleagues are invited to attend. In addition to the keynote address, school representatives who have funded proposals will provide updates regarding their ongoing mentoring activities and/or program outcomes.

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Mentoring Academy Program for Administrators - Mid-career Faculty: Their Needs, Challenges and Opportunities

The Mentoring Academy Symposium keynote speaker, Dr. Deborah DeZure, advisor to the provost, Michigan State University, will address the mentoring needs of mid-career faculty from an administrator perspective. Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs and other academic leaders are invited to attend this session.

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IUPUI Faculty Mentoring Exchange

The IUPUI Faculty Mentoring Exchange was developed by the School of Informatics and Computing on behalf of the Mentoring Academy to facilitate faculty looking for mentors (mentees) with faculty offering to serve as mentors.  Once mentees and mentors are matched, they will work out the details of their mentoring relationship. This process is completely voluntary.  The Exchange is open to any faculty member of IUPUI.  Click here to explore the Exchange.


The Mentoring Academy hosted several campus level programs that provided information about best practices and resource materials to help schools formulate their school or departmental level mentoring programs.  Click here to view the Mentoring Academy program archive. Available resources include assessment tools, best practices, models, outcomes, online research mentoring, and links to other online resources.

IUPUI Scholarworks

The Mentoring Academy is now part of IUPUI Scholarworks!  Click here to view the site.  Scroll to the bottom and click on "Show Statistical Information" to view current stats related to document postings.