IUPUI eDossier for Promotion and/or Tenure Submissions

For 2017-18, all P&T dossier submissions university-wide will be done through eDossier (except the School of Medicine, who will be using the existing IUPUI electronic process for 2017-2018 and transition to eDossier for the 2018-2019 cycle).  Contact your school dean's office to request eDossier access.

eDossier organizes a promotion and/or tenure candidate’s dossier according to the various sources of evidence typically used to make a case for excellence.  NOTE: Some of the suggested content may not be applicable to all campuses or all case types.

We have created two vital resources for candidates submitting dossiers for review during the 2017-18 P&T cycle:

*The grid maps the sections from IUPUI’s previous dossier format to the appropriate location in the new eDossier system.  The PowerPoint provides additional information candidates may find helpful.  The grid and PowerPoint are supplements to the IUPUI Guidelines for Preparing and Reviewing Promotion and Tenure Dossiers and should be used in conjunction with the campus guidelines. 

For an introduction to the eDossier system, please read through the eDossier Overview PowerPointPlease note that this is just a general overview and a number of changes have been made to the system since it was first created. 

Additional resources are outlined below.

 For eDossier help:

 For additional assistance with: