Promotion & Tenure Resources

For your convenience, the appendix documents found in the 2017-18 Guidelines for Preparing and Reviewing Promotion and Tenure Dossiers may be accessed as individual documents. The forms may be typed then printed, signed, and added to dossiers as needed. You may also sign documents electronically.

(Not all dossiers will require all forms.)

For information on eDossier, please visit our eDossier Resources page.


Summary of Areas of Excellence and Expectations for Various Faculty Categories

Documenting Teaching Performance

Suggested Standards for Evaluating Teaching Performance

Documenting Research and Creative Activities in the Dossier

Suggested Standards for Evaluating Research and Creative Activities

Documenting Professional Service

Suggested Standards for Evaluating Professional Service

Documenting Performance in IUPUI Librarian Dossiers

Suggested Standards for Evaluating Librarian Performance, Professional Development, and Service

Dossier Forms

Curriculum Vitae Format for Promotion and Tenure Dossiers  

There are two different versions available--one where your information can be placed in a table format or a tabbed format. You may also view it as a PDF. Omit headings that do not apply to your career. If you have additional categories, place them in the most logical area, consistent with this format. As long as you include all the requested information in the order presented, you are not required to use the tabbed or tabled format provided. Adherence to the IUPUI order and requested information will foster consistency as well as facilitate effective and efficient dossier review.

External Referee List[word] [pdf]

External Referee Form [word] [pdf] If you right-mouse click over this PDF and save to your local computer, you will have a form with fields you can type in.

External Evaluation Samples

Dean of the Faculties' Comments Regarding Outside Letters

Sample Letter to Request an External Evaluation for Faculty [word] [pdf]

Sample Letter to Request an External Evaluation for Librarians [word] [pdf]

Campus Committee Form

Campus Promotion and Tenure Committee Candidate Review Form*
*This form is for use by the Campus P&T Committee and can be viewed only in the guidelines.

Dossier Preparation Help

PDF Instructions - 9 or Earlier

PDF Instructions – X and XI

School HRMS Code List