Please note that for 2017-18, all P&T dossier submissions university-wide will be done through eDossier (except the School of Medicine, who will be using the existing IUPUI electronic process).  Contact your school dean's office to request eDossier access.  For more information on eDossier, please visit oureDossier Resources page.

Faculty submit dossiers for promotion and/or tenure to their department/school. As deadlines vary from one academic unit to another, faculty should contact their department/school directly for submission deadlines.

For campus level review, units/schools need to route through eDossier one electronic dossier for each candidate no later than Friday, October 27, 2017. If extenuating, school-level circumstances exist, a request for a time extension should be sent sent as soon as possible before the October 27 deadline to ude[dot]iupui[at]aao. This extension can only be requested by school officials.  This deadline is for all dossier submissions. If you have any questions about the submission process or eDossier, please contact ude[dot]iupui[at]aao.

As a reminder, all dossier files, additional materials and reconsideration documents must be submitted as searchable PDF files. For more information on creating searchable PDF files, please review these PDF instructions

Here is an overview of the promotion and/or tenure review year at IUPUI:

ActivityTime Frame

Candidates prepare dossiers

No later than spring of 5th year for tenure candidates

Candidates submit dossiers to primary unit

Based on school process:  In the School of Medicine, dossiers are due in the departments by late May or early June; in other schools, they are due in early August.
Check with your department/school for exact dates.

Schools submit dossiers to OAA

The last Friday of October

Campus committee reviews and evaluates all dossiers

December, January, and February; sometimes into early March

Campus committee recommendations are forwarded to the Chief Academic Officer

Immediately following campus committee reviews; early March

Chief Academic Officer reviews cases, completes an independent evaluation and forwards recommendations to the Chancellor


Chancellor reviews cases and confers with the IU and Purdue Presidents on the joint recommendations that are forwarded to the respective Boards of Trustees

Late March

Action by the Boards of Trustees


Promotion takes effect

July 1 (12-month faculty) or August 1 (10-month faculty) to coincide with start of academic year

Tenure takes effect

July 1 of the following academic year