Edoc FAQs

When doing a Leave of Absence (LOA), how do I know which type of leave plan to utilize for an Academic appointee?

  • Academic Administrative Leave -requested when a faculty member is stepping down from an administrative assignment, such as a dean, and leave time has been granted to prepare for transitioning back to the classroom. 
  • Academic Leave from Departmental Duties - granted to release a faculty member from usual teaching and committee assignments to work full-time on an extra departmental assignment or grant project.
  • Academic Leave with Full Pay - Academics will utilize this action reason for leaves with pay for military tours of duty, jury duty, and appearance as subpoenaed witnesses. Leaves for the latter two purposes shall be permitted for whatever periods may be required by the courts. Leaves for military obligations shall not exceed 15 days in any one calendar year.
  • Academic Leave with Partial Pay - utilized for faculty members who negotiate a partial reduction in assignment. A partial leave of absence may be granted where the appointee and the chairperson and/or dean agree that a reduction in assignment will benefit the faculty member and the university.
  • Academic Medical Leave – Full Pay - will be granted for up to 6 weeks for a major illness which will include pregnancy or childbirth. The employee may be required to provide advance leave notice and medical certification. Taking of leave may be denied if requirements are not met. The employee ordinarily must provide 30-days' advance notice when the leave is "foreseeable." There may be a required medical certification to support a request for leave because of a serious health condition and may require second or third opinions (at the employer's expense) and a fitness for duty report to return to work.
  • Academic Medical Leave – Partial Pay - granted for faculty who have been on an Academic Medical Leave at Full Pay (see above) and need additional medical leave time. May be granted for up to 9 additional weeks (or the end of the current semester) at half pay if medically necessary (see requirements above).
  • Academic Sabbatical Leave – Full pay - a sabbatical leave for one semester only. This policy will also apply to librarians.
  • Academic Sabbatical Leave – Partial pay - a sabbatical leave for two semesters (one academic year). A sabbatical leave need not be taken in a single academic year but may be divided. This policy will also apply to librarians.
  • Academic Leave Without Pay - for faculty members who apply for a leave without pay (LWOP). These LWOP's are limited to one year. Pregnancy and child-rearing shall be considered a permissible purpose for applying for a leave without pay and shall be available as prescribed by the policy on leave without pay to all academic appointees.
  • Academic Medical Leave – Without Pay - to allow a faculty member to continue a medical leave of absence for a period of time longer than allowed by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (as approved by the board of trustees).
  • Academic Prestigious Fellowship - for a faculty member who has been awarded a prestigious fellowship such as a Fulbright.

When processing an academic leave, always remember to make the appropriate entries on the Earnings Distribution Page.

What if an employee has more than one appointment?

  • Please refer to the Valid Multiple Job Combinations document for eligible combinations and FTE limits. It is important to note that:
    • Nonexempt and exempt appointments can't be held concurrently.
    • Active AC1 employees may not hold an AC2 appointment.

Which employees will be paid through contract pay?

  • All AC2, AC3, WSG will be processed through contract pay.
  • Contract Pay information: 
    The academic calendar for AC2 employees will be 8/1/XX - 5/31/XX. 
    For those following the academic calendar, the contract start date will be the first day of the month, and the contract end date will be the last day of the month. 
    Contract pay types: Academic Contract Sem1 (08/01/XX - 12/31/XX) or Academic Contract Sem2 (01/01/XX - 05/31/XX) can be used for an Academic (10-month) one-semester appointment. Academic Contract 10-month can be used for an Academic Year Appointment for AC3s  only (08/01/XX - 05/XX/XX, the end date is always the Monday after BL graduation), and Academic Contract 12-month can be used for an Academic Appointment from 1 to 12 months (to be used for those not following the academic instructional calendar). 
    If the employee has multiple jobs with contract pay, each job will have a separate contract associated with it. 
    If transferring to another position, the original contract MUST be stopped. If the employee is transferring to another contract eligible position, a new contract must be established. 
    If the employee terminates, the contract will automatically terminate, and if a multiple job situation, the job that is terminated the contract will automatically terminate. 
    All contracts must have an appropriate active job for the payroll voucher to print. 

How do I create a new position?

  • Click on the Create Position link from the list of Edocs
  • Change the effective date (if necessary)
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose the campus code (IUINA)
  • Use the drop down menu to choose the position type
  • Click the magnifying class to choose the appropriate template. Once you click the magnifying glass, you will be prompted to choose the position type from the drop-down menu and you may type in the salary plan as well
  • Click Search
  • Choose the designated value based on whether you want a 10-mos, 12-mos, or summer position. (click the return value link on the far left side of the page)
  • Once you return to the Edoc, click Continue
  • Under the work location header, type in the department code (IN-XXXX) then click the Update Department Related Values link next to it
  • Under the specific information header, you can change the max head count. If the position is a paid position, choose background check only from the drop-down menu located below the max head count
  • Click Submit

We have an adjunct faculty member who won't start working until the 15th. Do I really need to make their start date the 1st of a month?

  • Yes. The effective date and contract begin date on the Edoc must be the same and must be the first day of a month.

Do I need an end date on my Admin Post, and, if so, what should the date be?

  • All Administrative Posts must have an end date unless for a tenured title (in which case the end date should be left blank). All titles for paid full-time employees who are not tenured should have an end date of 5/31 if they're a 10-month employee or 6/30 if they're a 12-month employee.
  • Generally, the ending year should be no farther than three years out.

I accidentally closed out of an Edoc and now it's locked. How do I unlock it?

  • You may access it by doing a Document Lookup through HRMS. Enter the Edoc number and click Search. If you click Search and nothing appears, highlight Initiated within the Status Box in the middle of the Document Lookup screen and click Search.
  • If this does not work, complete an HRMS Support Request Form, and it will be unlocked for you. 

What paperwork do you need for Academic Hires? What about Volunteers or Fellowships?

  • We will need a signed offer packet (Tenure Track, Clinical Track, Lecturers and Academic Specialists only), a Personal Profile Form, a completed electronic I-9, and a completed background check. We only need a Personal Profile form for volunteer hires, and we only need the Abbreviated Fellowship Questionnaire for fellowships.

Will you accept scanned or faxed copies of the necessary documentation?

  • We will not accept scanned documents that contain confidential information such as SSN's due to the unsecured nature of e-mail. We prefer that documentation be sent electronically, once the SSN has been blocked.

We have an adjunct who just took on an additional course this semester. How do we pay him or her for teaching this course?

  • A Maintain Pay Rate Edoc will need to be completed with an effective date that is the same as the start date of his or her current contract. From there you can increase the standard hours and compensation. Please note that if a contract employee's course load has been dropped, you must terminate his or her contract by terminating his or her job. It is never appropriate to 'zero' out the comp rate on a Maintain Pay Rate Edoc.