Faculty Search and Hiring

How to Recruit and Hire Full Time Faculty

Once need is identified, there are several steps required to hire a new faculty member – beginning with the search process, and continuing through to the actual appointment.

Search and Screen

Searches are required for all full time faculty appointments except postdoctoral appointees and visiting faculty. The process is overseen by the Office for Equal Opportunity and they can be reached at 317-274-2306.

Extending an Offer

All offers for tenured, tenure-track faculty and librarians, clinical faculty, lecturers, and academic specialists must be approved by the campus academic administration before being formally extended.

For approval, an offer packet must include a draft offer letter, the candidate’s cv, letters of reference, the appropriate cover sheet, and any other required items for the particular type of hire intended. Refer to Faculty Classification for specifics.

Include with the offer letter:

The Academic Personal Profile Form

The Background Check consent packet 

Information sheet on Fringe Benefits

Other documents as directed by your chair or dean.

Adding the New Faculty Member as an Employee

Once the offer has been accepted, you may begin the process to hire them. No new hire edocs will be approved until the Background Check and I-9/E-Verify processes are complete, and the Personal Profile Form is sent to OAA. Even though the start date for the new employee may be a month or more in the future, you may complete the hire e-docs early, and this will allow the new faculty member to establish an email account at IUPUI, and receive benefits information for timely enrollment. (Enrollment may be completed before the start date, but MUST be submitted within 30 days after the start date.)

All new employees of Indiana University are required to undergo a criminal history background check. This applies to all full-time, part-time, and graduate student appointees, as well as those volunteers who will be working with programs involving children.

Background Checks - IUPUI Process

Candidate Disclosure Process for Academic Employees

Our electronic background check system allows users to enter candidate disclosure information, although this information is not required. If collected, this information should be kept on file at the department/school level for five (5) years after the employee is terminated.  If the background check is completed and has an adjudication result of:

1. "Meets University Standards," proceed with the hire documents.

2. "Pending," our office will communicate with you regarding the findings on the background check report.  If the information was disclosed by the candidate or is a minor traffic violation, our office will update the report to indicate "Meets University Standards." 

Background checks are conducted by an outside vendor and can take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 weeks to complete.  Please plan accordingly.

Background checks are not required for international hires if they have been in the United States for less than one year. Indiana University accepts the process involved in granting the visa as sufficient for a background check.

Employment Eligibility Verification

  • Indiana state law now requires Indiana University to use the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system to confirm the eligibility of all new employees to work in the United States. Completion of the I-9 form is still required, but the E-Verify system is an added second step.
  • Form I-9 and eVerify Training

Effective Dates

  • Actual work dates for the academic year and for the first semester begin seven days prior to the first day of classes on each campus.  Actual work dates for the second semester begin seven days before the first day of classes at the campus but never earlier than January 1.  Fall semester appointments terminate on December 31.  Spring semester or academic year appointments terminate on the day of commencement for the campus.  Appointments for various summer sessions begin on the first day of classes and terminate on the last day on which final grades are due on each campus.
  • However, for the purpose of Edocs, the effective date may differ. Edocs for adjunct faculty (AC2) and student academics (AC3) must use an effective date of the first of the month.  Edocs for 10-month full-time faculty should use an effective date of August 1, and for 12-month full-time faculty an effective date of July 1. If you have 12-month full-time faculty starting at a time other than July 1 or the beginning of the academic year, you may use a mid-month starting date; this will prorate the first month's pay.
  • Effective and end dates for summer Edocs will default into the document.


Training Videos for edocs

Always check the Valid Job Combinations Matrix before initiating a new appointment.

Departments initiate the actual hire, as well as all subsequent employee transactions, by using the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Edocs. Once Edocs are initiated at the School/Department level and submitted, they route through a pre-set chain of approvers and are finalized by our office. As final approvers, we have the responsibility of ensuring that the information and/or transaction in each Edoc is correct and meets university policies. Once we approve the Edoc, it is saved into a database, creating a permanent record for each academic employee.

OAA provides regular training sessions to Edoc initiators (training is required in order to obtain access to initiate documents) - contact us to schedule group or individual sessions 317-274-4627.  Access to HRMS and Edocs. Check the System Online Support for Edoc questions. Additionally, OAA staff are available during office hours for end-user support. Part of our mission is to ensure prompt response to E-doc initiators so that our academic employees' job and pay records are accurate.

Commonly used Edocs and their purposes

Edoc FAQs

Recruitment and Support for Dual Career Faculty

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