Faculty Benefits and Leaves

Faculty Benefits

Information about faculty benefits can be found at http://www.indiana.edu/~uhrs/benefits/.


There are a variety of leaves available to faculty, depending on the type of appointment and the length of employment at IUPUI. In any leave involving tenure-track faculty, it may be helpful to complete the Understanding on Tenure Status During Leave form.

Find policies for academic leaves:

Vacation for Twelve-Month Academic Appointees

Leave Without Pay for Academic Appointees

Paid Family Leave for Academic Appointees

School of Medicine Paid Family and Medical Leave for Academic Appointees

Other Leaves and Absences for Academic Appointees

Sabbatical Leaves for Faculty and Librarians

    Specifics for IUPUI Sabbatical Leaves:

    Tenured faculty and librarians interested in applying should:

  • find out their department and school application deadlines;
  • read the process statement that specifies how the policy is applied at IUPUI;
  • download the Sabbatical Leave Application  ATTENTION: You must download this document onto your desktop in order access and complete the internal files.  To download, right-mouse click over the link then "save as";
  • review the sample portfolio below to insure that all required documents are included in the application;
  • contact their dean's office prior to October 15 to declare their interest in applying.

View a sample application portfolio (right-mouse click over the link then "save as" to download a copy to your desktop).
View instructions on working with the PDF Application Portfolio.

A tentative list of tenured faculty and librarians planning to apply during the 2017-18 year for a Sabbatical Leave to be taken during the 2018-19 academic year should be submitted by the dean's office of each school to tnemecnavdA dna stnemtnioppA ytlucaF no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2017. The list should include the names and University ID numbers of the potential applicants.

Application portfolios approved by the school should be forwarded by the dean's office of each school to AAO via https://www.slashtmp.iu.edu/ (or your school's FAA Box folder) no later than Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  Applications received after this date will not be considered unless the dean requests special consideration and documents extenuating circumstances. 

Sabbatical applications approved by the school deans will be reviewed by the IUPUI Sabbatical Leaves Review Committee and Chief Academic Officer.  All applicants will receive preliminary notification of the campus level decision (usually by the beginning of March).  Final letters will be sent after the Board of Trustees meeting in April.

Within three months of returning from a sabbatical leave, faculty and librarians are required to submit a Sabbatical Leave Report. The report is to be reviewed and signed by the department chair and school dean before being routed to AAO electronically.

All questions regarding sabbatical leaves should be directed to ude[dot]iupui[at]aao.