Bantz-Petronio Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) Award

Nominations for this award are open.

Nominations must be submitted online via this form no later than midnight of Monday, January 15, 2024.

Bantz-Petronio Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) Award
  • Candidates should be listed as an IUPUI TRIP Scholar (visit to identify yourself as an IUPUI TRIP scholar or to update your current entry) and must be available to present at the annual Translating Research Into Practice Showcase in fall semester.
  • Candidates’ research should be interdisciplinary and/or cross-disciplinary and intentionally directed toward positively impacting people’s lives within or beyond the state of Indiana. In addition to generating knowledge through scientific inquiry or humanistic scholarship, the IUPUI faculty member should have actively endeavored to transform that knowledge into practices or solutions, demonstrating innovative ways to improve the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live.
  • In addition to meeting the minimum eligibility requirements, the committee will review nominations with attention to the following criteria:
    • Specificity – How has the nominee’s research been translated into practice? What impact has the translational research had at the community, state, and national levels? What problems were identified and addressed by the nominee’s work? What is the evidence of the success of this translational research effort?
    • Impact – What is the impact of the nominee’s translational research? Who has been positively affected and to what extent? (For example, applying a research model to learning activities in a public museum increased child acquisition of knowledge by XX percent/increased test scores by XX percent. Or, translating program XX into practice has resulted in XX percent reduction in readmission rate to the hospital or to a juvenile rehabilitation program. Or, due to the nominee’s work, XXX people in the community now manage their own health care program related to a medical problem. (See for a myriad of examples of translational research activities at IUPUI.)
    • Interdisciplinarity – How is this translational research interdisciplinary? Which schools, departments, disciplines, community groups are involved? How does the nominee provide mentorship to other faculty, students, and community members?
Complete the electronic nomination form and upload required documentation online by following the instructions below. 

All supporting documents for the nomination must be submitted electronically and should include the following:

  • An official nomination letter addressing specifically the way your nominee's work fits the award criteria
  • A biosketch from the nominated faculty member that includes a personal statement highlighting his or her translational work and a list of publications and/or impact statistics most relevant to the translational work (biosketch no more than four pages total)
  • Up to three nomination letters from national, international, and/or IUPUI faculty that include contact information in order for the selection committee to gather further comments on your nominee’s work, if required
  • Uploaded files should be in PDF format. If documentation is not currently available electronically, it can be scanned. The Center for Teaching and Learning, University Library Room 1125, can assist with this process.

In addition to the required documentation, please to provide the following when completing the nomination form online:

  • Nominee Information
    First and last name; university ID #; school; department; campus address; e-mail; and phone number
  • Nominator Information
    First and last name; university ID #; rank; school; department; campus address; e-mail; and phone number  (NOTE:  For jointly-prepared nominations, only one nominator’s information can be entered as a contact.  All other nominators can be accounted for at the end of the nomination letter.)
  • Verification that the candidate is registered as an IUPUI TRIP Scholar
  • Self nominations are accepted (enter your information as both the nominee and nominator)
Longevity of Nomination:
  • A candidate will automatically be considered for three years after his or her initial nomination. These candidates will be given an opportunity to update their nomination folders each successive year.
  • After the third year, the candidate will not be eligible for one year but can be nominated after the one year. Completely new nominations materials will be required at that time.
  • The review committee, representing diverse disciplines and schools, will consider all nominations and make a determination about the TRIP Award.


  • Inquiries regarding eligibility and criteria should be directed to Stephan Viehweg,  ude[dot]ui[at]gewheivs or 317-278-4690.
  • Issues relating to the online nomination process should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs at ude[dot]iupui[at]aao.