The Office of Academic Affairs administers START which promotes the recruitment of new, outstanding tenure/tenure-track faculty and librarians from less-represented populations. Salary support is provided to the academic unit for the first two years of the appointment. A research fund to support the success of a new faculty member through the promotion and tenure process is also provided.

To ensure equitable distribution of available funds across the schools, the number of sponsored candidates is limited. Therefore, all requests for START funding must be originated from the dean’s office.

Support for Talent Attraction, Retention, and Transition

Beginning for Hires after July 1, 2013 

AIM: START is designed to encourage and assist schools and departments at IUPUI in the hiring of outstanding underrepresented tenured/tenure-track faculty and librarians. The aim is to build a more diverse faculty, enrich the intellectual environment, and provide role models for our students.

ELIGIBILITY: START is available whenever the current percentage of any underrepresented gender or race in a department is less than 50  percent  of  the  expected percentage based on the availability of that gender or race in the nationally available pool of candidates in that discipline. The decision for eligibility must be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs.

PROCEDURE: START is for recruitment purposes only. It is not intended for faculty members who are currently employed at IUPUI. Requests for support should be made to the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer (EVC/CAO). These requests should include an up-to-date curriculum vita of the proposed tenured/tenure-track faculty or librarian recruit. If the request is for a tenured appointment, at least three outside letters of reference should be included with the START request. If recruitment proceeds to the offer stage, a complete offer packet is required, as for any other hire.

SALARYSUPPORT: First-year salary support comes in two parts:

  1. $10,000 is placed in a research fund for each tenure-track START hire, to be managed by the dean of the recruiting This fund is intended to support the START recruit’s promotion and tenure success by providing funds for research preparation, conference travel for presentations or research development, statistical support, consultation for grant applications, etc.
  2. Direct salary support or start-up package support to the school in the amount of 40 percent of the base salary, not to exceed $30,000.

In year two of the hire, additional support of 20 percent of the base salary, not to exceed $20,000, will be transferred to the school’s budget, assuming that the underrepresented faculty member or librarian remains on tenure track at IUPUI. If a START-supported faculty member or librarian leaves IUPUI during the support period, funds will be returned to the central START pool. 

In an effort to make the support for START hires to be more equitable across schools, the following plan has been devised:

Each hiring school (not to include Graduate School, Honors College, or University College) will be eligible to receive one START Base hire over a three-year period. These START Base hires must meet all eligibility requirements of the program. Base hires must be requested before for the third year. If more than eight schools request START Base hires each year, they may receive approval, but the funding for that hire may be delayed until the next year.

In addition, at least four slots (assuming around 12 hires per year) will be reserved annually for Targeted hires. These Targeted hires have to receive special approval by the EVC/CAO. These hires will meet both the standards for an outstanding hire and meet special overall campus target needs.

MENTORING: Each START tenure-track appointee is to be assigned at least one mentor, and this assignment must be reported to the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within the first three months of hire. The dean should assure mentoring effectiveness and progress by monitoring the appointee’s progress with the mentor. Every effort must be made to protect the tenure-track START appointee’s time and focus on promotion and tenure success. First-year course release time is strongly encouraged. Consistency in teaching assignments is a must.

REPORTING: The effectiveness of the START program will be monitored through annual submission of each START faculty’s FAR and annual review throughout the tenure-probationary period by the deans of all schools receiving START funding. This report is to be sent to the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 

HISTORY OF THE PROGRAM: The former Support for the Recruitment of Underrepresented Faculty (SRUF) program was started in fall 2006 as part of the IUPUI Academic Plan. It ran very successfully for three years and resulted in 47 faculty hires. For budget reasons, the program was put on hold for a two-year period. The SRUF program resumed on October 1, 2011, and was available until September 30, 2012. Funding for the new START program will begin again on July 1, 2013, and will run continuously.





Defined campus-level funding for two-year partial salary support or to assist in start-up funding


Goals for increasing underrepresented faculty talent in all schools


Activities that help to source, select, and secure faculty, including recruitment, onboarding, start-up funds, professional development, etc.


Interventions aimed at motivating and keeping faculty at IUPUI, including mentoring, networking, rewards, recognition, etc.


Systems and processes to aid faculty in preparing for and succeeding in tenure/promotion and advancement/leadership opportunities