Academic and Faculty Affairs Leadership Council

The Academic and Faculty Affairs Leadership Council is convened to support new/emerging initiatives and priorities that impact academic affairs and faculty affairs at IUPUI. Provides strategic direction for faculty development and curriculum development aligned with campus priorities (e.g., curriculum internationalization, engaged learning, support for students from diverse groups, undergraduate research). Also provides opportunities to connect efforts across undergraduate and graduate education, enrollment management, and faculty affairs and to ensure that strategic priorities are being achieved, while also providing a context for collectively addressing challenges/threats.

Standing Members:

  • Gil Latz, Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs
  • Janice Blum, Dean, Graduate School
  • Boyd Bradshaw, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  • Margaret Ferguson, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Dominique Galli, Director, Center for Research and Learning
  • Gina Sanchez Gibau, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jay Gladden, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • Michele Hansen, Executive Director, Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support
  • Julie Hatcher, Director, Center for Service and Learning
  • Kathy Johnson, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
  • Jane Luzar, Founding Dean, IUPUI Honors College
  • Matt Rust, Director, Campus Career and Advising Services, Division of Enrollment Management
  • Jennifer Thorington-Springer,
  • Terri Tarr, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Gail Williamson, Director of Faculty Enhancement

Office of Academic Affairs Faculty Fellows:

  • Silvia Bigatti, Associate Professor, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health
  • Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
  • Debbie Herold, Senior Lecturer, School of Science
  • Gerardo Maupome, Professor, School of Dentistry

Supporting Members:

  • Karen Lee, Director of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
  • Mansi Singh, Executive Assistant
  • Arlene Phillips, Fiscal Officer

IFC Liaison:

  • Rachel Applegate, President, IUPUI Faculty Council