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Lessons for Life from a Lifetime of Learning

The Last Lecture Series offers the university community the opportunity to hear reflections on life's lessons and meaning from a current or retired IUPUI colleague of exceptional merit. The featured speaker shares the wisdom he or she has gained through academic pursuits and life experiences; distilling a life of inquiry, reflection, and service into advice for successive generations.

The Last Lecture Series is sponsored by the IUPUI Senior Academy, the IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs, and the Indiana University Foundation.  For additional information, contact Academic Affairs by completing our contact form.

The 2022 IUPUI Last Lecture featuring Dr. Sherry Queener will held on Friday, November 4, 2022, from 2–4 p.m. in the Campus Center Theater. The lecture will begin at 2 p.m. with a reception following immediately.

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Sherry QueenerThis year's lecture will be given by Dr. Sherry Queener, professor emerita of pharmacology and toxicology in School of Medicine, former director of IUPUI Graduate Office, and former associate dean of IU Graduate School.

"In achieving your professional goals, conflicts are inevitable but how do you deal with conflicts without creating anger and animosity?

One strategy is to keep your goals transparent and use data as a tool to address opposition. Make the conflict about ideas and avoid making it personal. Seek to understand your opponent’s position and reframe the argument in terms that allow resolution. Conflict, approached this way, can be an opportunity for improvement and progress."

– Sherry Queener

2021 IUPUI Last Lecture

The Last Lecture was given by Erv Boschmann, professor emeritus of chemistry in the School of Science and former associate dean of faculties at IUPUI on Lessons for Life from a Lifetime of Learning.

Description of the video:

Good afternoon everyone.It is so great to be here with you.I was just getting the signal.I could probably I've kept chattinganother 10 or 15 minutes,but let's go again,heading get started becausewe have a wonderful afternoon.Gland. First, I'd be so grateful ifyou could silence your cell phonesor turn them to vibrate.For the remainder of the program.It is truly my pleasure to welcome you tothe 13th annual last lecture at IUPUI.My name is Kathy Johnson and I'ma Professor of Psychologyin the School of Science.And I currently am serving asExecutive Vice Chancellorfor Academic Affairs.And I have to say that one ofmy favorite events associatedwith that role is this one today.Last lecture series has becomea very important campustradition that is jointlysponsored by the IUPUI senior academy,the IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs,and the IU Foundation.It was inspired bythe best-selling book and lecturedelivered by Randy Pausch in2007 at Carnegie Mellon University.Dr. House to Liberties lecture shortlyafter being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.And it had nothing at all whatsoeverto do with his field of computer science.Rather, it was a lecturedesigned around the wisdom that hewanted to convey to the world based onhis own personal andprofessional lived experience.Members of our senior academyexpanded this idea in order to honorthe outstanding legacies of ourretiring or recently retired faculty.Each speaker over the years hasresponded to the sameassignment, which is this.If you could only give one final lecture,what would you share with your colleagues andyour students at this moment in your lifegiven the experiences that you havehad and the wisdom that you have accrued.This year.We're excited to be back in person.We certainly, certainly ourhand to bring your words ofwisdom from an esteemed colleagueand friend of the University,Dr. Earth Bushman from the School of Science.You'll hear more about his career andreflects and reflections shortly.But let me close by once again,thanking the members ofthe IUPUI senior academyfor their efforts and fortranslating an idea intoa lasting legacy for the campus.And let me also thank my colleaguesin the Office of Academic Affairs orall that they have done behindthe scenes to prepare for today's event.And to tell you more about thesenior academy, please welcome.President of IUPUI senior academy,Dr. Marianne,go kick.Good afternoon.It is my pleasure to welcome you tothe 13th annual last lecture at IUPUI,the senior academy asan independent association ofretired faculty and staffwhose members continue to contributetheir expertise and experienceto support the educational,research and service missions of IUPUI.The last lecture series atIUPUI is inspired by the idea ofhaving distinguished senior colleagues sharewisdom gleaned fromtheir long and productive careers.Speaking from their hearts and heads asif it's truly were there last lecture.This lecture shares was initiated in2009 by Dr.James East Professorof Communication Studies,associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts,and former president of the senior academy.Since its inception, the academyhas taken the leadership andselecting and inviting the guest lecturer.This 13th last lecture,the first one give enough to IUPUI is50th anniversary year will be fitting.There'll be a fitting continuation ofthe tradition as it is atthe same time breaking with tradition sincethere will be, somebody did not.C, since there will be one lecture.This is a script fromlast year and I did not recognize that.So my, my actually here.So sorry for slightly going off script here.If now gives me great pleasureTo ask a friend and colleague ofthis year's speaker that is two tothe Introduction to dothe introduction first off above Sue,chair of the chemistry and chemicalbiological biology department inthe School of Science.Then Bill Plate or executive Vice Chancellor,the Dean of the Faculty Americas.And he will be doinghis introduction by video message.So this is a little switch.I now ask Professor Basuto come to the microphone.Thank you very much.I'm absolutely delighted tobe here and I havethe honor to introducetoday's honorary doctor are when ashmem,Professor Emeritus ofchemistry and chemical biology,my department here at IUPUI.I first met aref in2016 when I was interviewing here.And at the first interaction,I was impressed with his presence.He gave me right back tothe airport at the end of my visit.Let me just summarize what I'm going to say.Ladies and gentlemen, our Bushmanis a remarkable human.In 2007, Arthur wrotea Theorem 74 page me more linkingfive generations that releasedto his ancestors to journeyback to 500 years,to Ukraine, Siberia, Prussia,Germany, Holland,and Paraguay, where he was born.And I think this book isoutside on the table.Interestingly, was able to tracehis own academic roots in chemistry backto Anthony Fauci, a 740 T2's.In 1995. He arrivedin Miami as a teenager all by himself.Without knowing a single word of English.From Miami.He traveled to Kansas City by bus and settle.There, are majored inchemistry at Bethel College,where he received his bachelor's degreeand met his wife,Brasilia in 1962 and married her in 1963.He started graduate school atthe University of Colorado at Boulder,where he received his PhDin inorganic chemistry.And he graduated in 1960.In June of 1968.R was offered a position at thatthen I UW Extension inIndianapolis with the assumptionthat huge spent two years at Lima,Peru with his family.Before coming back to Indy,he was hired asthe third member ofthe chemistry department atUW Extension Center at 90 to North Meridian.The merger with produce extension centerthen resulted in a move ofthe department to the 38th Streetacross from the state fairgrounds.So ours hiring predates the foundingof IUPUI. That's amazing.Since all four was involved inboth high enrollment lecturesand advanced courses.He had two offices,one at 38 streetand the other one in Cavanagh.How? By the way,Kevin a hollow was completedin the main campus in 1971.He has taught chemistryat the undergraduate and graduate levels andhas done extensive consulting withthe Ford Foundation andthe Asian Development Bank in Lima,Peru, and made an Indonesia respectively.He spent nearly two years inLima where he taught classes,develop the curriculum,worked with the faculty,and during the last six months,lead the team of consultantsis spent two summers in Medan,Indonesia as a consultant along withother faculty drawn fromthe Big Ten universities.In 1991, his elementary chemistrysee one-on-one course that was madeavailable to the local PBS and cable systems.And in 1997, his coursebecame the prototype forthe development of whatlater known as on course.And that is Indiana University'ssignature course management system.Truly are has been a trailblazer in many,many ways and has impact in numerous people.In 1983, he was recognized byIndiana University'sstatewide HF Lieber Awardfor Distinguished Teaching.And 1986, he was awardeda lily faculty open fellowship.And very recently current instructorof C11 Keith only car,maybe easier. There he is.Has established an endowed award honoring rv.Another example of oursmany interests and abilitiesis his substantial contributionto the university administration.Served as an associate dean ofthe faculties at IUPUI from 1988 till 999.And in this position,he was charged with responsibilityto develop 1500 full-time,an 800 part-time faculty.He also served as an Associate Vice Presidentfor distributed educationfor Indiana University,Vice Chancellor forAcademic Affairs and interim provost,Provost at Richmond,Interim Dean of Arts andSciences and Indiana University, COCOMO.And finally Interim Dean ofBusiness at IU COCOMO.Irv is a treasure to Indiana University.And not surprisingly, in 2019,Chancellor nice at nasa paid arerecognized him withthe chancellor's medallion,is service to the communityand the profession is also impressive.In 1997, he served asthe chair of the American ChemicalSociety's Indiana section.In 2004 after his first to retirementor serve as a CEO forLilly Endowment Grant to Manchester College,Orleans College, and Gaussian college,to being peace studies fromthese colleges to Indianapolis.Harvest trial extensively,both professionally and personally.Pointy for countries isNorth and South America, Europe, and Asia.He has spoken, taught,or consulted widely inthis country and overseas.Interestingly, one of his bookstitled Paraguay, a tour guide,which was used to guide summer tour groups orsix years to his country of birth.Throughout his career,Professor Washington has beena man of many talents.In addition to his considerableteaching responsibilities,he developed a vibrantresearch program in inorganic,an early organometallic chemistry,publishing several dozens technicalarticles and numerous books.In the past three years,he published five papersin chemical journals.And if you're wondering, yes,he's retired early on,holds the position ofa Professor Emeritus in my department.As I mentioned, hecomes to the department every day.Every day becomes a 10 o'clock.And does this work?Does it create their story?At IUPUI 960 eightis still flourishing to this day.More than half a century later.Knowing his passion to help the organization,I asked him to serve on the founding editorof the departmental newsletterto our alumni and friends.In C, Heisman and Betsy cuny are here.They can understand that.I'm happy to say thatthis newsletter has garneredmuch attention and his fifth year,this would not be possible.This would not have been possiblewithout or of carrying the load.It is truly his work.In 2019, we heldour first well-child lecture,or professor Gerry Richmond,a member of the National Academy,gave a lecture, are establishedthis lecture series toan endowment honoring his mentor frank J.Wheelchair, with whom heshared space that Kevin Hall.I should mentioned that he hadpreviously Endowed Scholarship at IUPUI.And the second wheelchairlecture is going to bethis month, 17th of November.I admire that.Obviously we're going to read arelentlessly positive yeah, got it.And does his work with a smile.I consider him to be a oneof my friends and mentors.And I believe we can alllearn from this wise man.I'm so happy thatyou are giving this lecture.Congratulationsearth.It's with sincere regret that Imust deliver this message via video.Instead of being with you in person.A family matter QC in Champaign,Illinois until Tuesday did inmy granddaughter's being exposed toCOVID-19 andquarantined until November second.Gayle and I are helpingprovide family support thatmy daughter her threechildren embossing continues to work.Although we've tested negative,we're supposed to quarantine 2.And topologies also to all of you whogathered on campus tohear or bushmen deliver.This year's last lecture.You've already heard much about, or Bushman,what do you stand to receiveso many recognitions and awards,responsibilities and pedal andseeks accumulated over the years.And especially therespect piece commanded fromso many people in so many different venues.Chemistry, Teaching,Administration, religious service,community service, advocacy, mentoring,entrepreneurship, and especially friendship.All of herbs, little wordsare richly deserve praise,well-run the satisfaction he hastaken and living peacefully toadvance the common good of us allis modest and keepingwith the humility that underlies allhe's done and continues to do.Good as they say, gild the lilyby recalling your achievements,inciting the commendations ofothers for what he has done.Instead, I'd like to talk aboutIRB Washington as one ofIUPUI is early pioneers.The faculty and staff who came toIUPUI before it was IUPUI,this wonderful campus wasa disruptive innovation that is outlast atmost predictions about howthe experiment or mergingtwo competing BigTen universities could bear.It was, and in many wayscontinues to be a miracle.There are multiple factors that willcount for IUPUI success.But high among them is thepeople the campus wasfortunate enough to have inplace when the merger occurred.Verb came to what would be comeIUPUI and 960 eight,most likely not anticipatingthat a merger would occur.It took unusual faith,self confidence, and belief,and creating something new fromill fitting pieces to makethe faculty, staff and administrators.Are the two universities persist and truth,there wereat least five parties to the merger.Since the whole schools, law, Heron,and even physical educationor not yet comfortable andaligning with either the Purdueor IU reached on campuses.There were others, like aremany others that madeIUPUI onto what it is today.But the roles are needed in developingthis campus or special, if not unique.When I assumed the duties of the campuschief academic officer in 1987,I knew that he needed Iknew that I needed a partnerwho understood the lived history of merger,had the personal capacityto be unfettered by the past.And who was willing to buildsomething great fromthe parts that were stillforming into a whole.As Associate Dean of the faculties are feda special dual responsibility of managinga number of units and programsthat supported faculty teaching,research and service, butalso of winning support from faculty.Still weary and wary.Nearly 20 years of constant change.We had to create an infrastructure ofsupport that was effectiveand geared toward innovation.You've heard some ofthis special efforts describe,but I would only add that hasbeen herbs leading byexample that underlieshis remarkable successes.And keeping with the campusconstantly in transition,Earth has changed his role many times tostay abreast of changeand to lead by example.One especially notable example was as beingthe first and most successfulfaculty member can participatein a grant we had from the Corporation forPublic Broadcasting and makeIUPUI courses available remotely.Feel that public access cable channel Esther,to develop a TV course in chemistrybecause it would be one of the mostchallenging courses to adapt,to tell it to television,especially given laboratory experiments.If we could do it with chemistry,they could do it with other coursesare not only rose to the challenge,even developing take-home labkits for students toview the room table top experimentswith household chemicals.But he also understood the teachingand new for format andnew medium require rethinkinghis old ways of teaching.Take advantage of the new medium.He had to create new methods allfocused on what and how students learn.He was one of the very first faculty here andnationally to make the shiftfrom teaching the student.What I mean, thatamazing but hardly noticed achievement isone that led him to bea key player in creating OnCourse,which became stuck high,and which is one ofthe nation's earliest and mostsuccessful internet learning platforms.Model for Blackboard Canvas andothers followed and observeBushmen who showed other faculty that adaptthe unit course from the classroominto remote learning,whether by television computerare now hybrid media such as Zoom,required a new starting point.What the student needed to learn,not what the teacher knew.I could go on and on and relateeach verse andthen a subsequent achievements tothe underlying philosophy of how tolead personal example and by serving others.Each of his new roles,new titles built onthis foundation on accounts for his beingsought out to lead IndianaUniversity's Remote Learning Programat its earliest formative period.And the era of technology,technological change,being asked to help to regional campuses makethe same kind of leaps and learningthat IUPUI has exemplified.I'm being asked to directthe multi-institutionalcommunity service programdevoted to enhancingpeace and social justice.Bird may have given upformal titles and duties,but he continues to teach,advocate and Bill, still writing some ofthe most widely read articles andcomplex topics for general audiences.In popular media.Most old administrators retire,fade away, but not IRB Washington.Let me conclude by sayingwhat a personal privilege tospend for me to work soclosely with her forso many years to learn from him about how tosolve problems and work withothers and to take confidence andthe quest to make IUPUIIndianapolis and our nation more equitable,just and thriving communities.He's been aided over these many yearsof service by his wife Priscilla.I don't want to acknowledge her serviceto IUPUI husband.The beneficiaries of their lives well lived.We've been fortunate to havehim as one of our own.And there's no one who has earneda more deserving platformfrom which to delivered his last lecture,but not the last we will hear from her,washington, I can assure you of that.He retains the pioneer spirit thathelped found and grow the IUPUI.We know today there is more to do.So let's get on with it.Congratulations, serve on beingasked to deliver the last lecture.I know you will have matters of importancefor our IUPUI family here.Good afternoon.What a privilege tobe able to deliver this lecture.The title is so intimidating.My goodness.This is a beautiful afternoon outside andyou should be outside instead of being here,but this is what wehappen to be at this point.No, last Thursday I got an emailfrom Bill Plate are saying that he hada dire personal family emergencyand he couldn't be here.And I said, Bill, I'm so disappointed.But you also know me thatthe first thing that I would want todo is family first.So that's where he is and that'swhy I hope things are going well for them.Martha, thank you for your comments.I appreciate that.Artists that want to nominate me initiallyfor this intimidating title.He's the one that got me into this.But build plater isis he wasn't my boss for 12 years.And he anything Ilearned about the administration,I'll learn from Bill plater.Um, it's just just absolutely,I call him a star.A star on this year. Maryann, and we'll kick.Thank you for your comments.Appreciate that.It's really a pre.Kathy Johnson, I wish Icould talk like you talk.Just smooth this all get out.Just just really wonder, sir, Thank you.But there that people needsherry cleaner sheets in here,someplace out on the worst generic Winger.There she is.Back there. Thank you.Free. She's the one that was the chair ofthe last lecture committeea year ago, I believe it was.And she is the onethat she and the committeetook a chance on me.And they are the ones thatwill who will get this?Yeah. So Jeanne Robertsonsome polish it and hear it.Okay. Thank you for coming.She is the current chairof the last lecture committee.And I have her head down as an examplebecause I looked at our videotwice to make sure I knew how to do it.Right.Debated that gave it last time here.Rachael Dillon lecture.If she's here, there'sso many people that need to thankthis Lindsey high intent that Isee or someplace. Lindsay, There she is.Yeah. I mean, Mansisaying I cannot tell you howmuch I appreciate her workwhere schmancy She's probably out there.She's the one that gave you the booksand things like this.She has she has a level 100 approach to life.She is an even keel.And even though I gavea challenging addresses,e-mail and some She's just just just works.She's just absolutely. So ifshe's here, Mansi, you're not here?Yeah.Oh, there she would you wave your hand sopeople know all she's out there.Yeah, she's not there. Later on.Tell her thank you. Out there at the table.Brian feathers, so you don't see himbecause he's behind the scenes out there.He make sure that all the stuff will work.And so each academic affairs,IU Foundation, senior academy, all of you.I appreciate your being here. Thank you.Thank you for coming. I really appreciatethe fact that our chancellorfrom poco mas here,my goodness, you waveyour hand so people know who you are.And I thought that our chancellorfrom this camp was going to be here too.But maybe not.He was playing to be here,but she's not here.So thank you for coming.That title. I betterget busy with that, right?Gotta do something here.Lessons for life from a lifetime of learning.How in the world do you answer that?Maya Angelou said,people will forget what you said.People will forget what you did.But people will neverforget how you made them feel.And so the person that made me feelgood is this portion.Dj went to threats.He was doing research and Paraguay saw menot knowing what I was doing andinviting me to consider Bethel Collegewhere he was president.When I took that opportunity,he filled out all the forms and he didnot seem to worry aboutthe fact that I spoke no English.So 1959, I was dressed in a suit and tie,sat in a propeller driven airplane all night.And in the morning, we lookdown and we saw Miami.Lawns were beautifully manicured.No one was walking on the street.All traffic was well organized.I was impressed.My travel agent had prepared meby putting a tag andmy suitcase in the tanks.Had this fellow wants to go to Kansas bybus and doesn't speak English.He also prepared me howto look for bathrooms.He said, You're just look forthe long and gentlemen.That's where you go. I saw men and women.The other thing that I sawis another set of bathrooms right Next hours.And above it, it colored.What does that mean?I had no clue what that meant.In other language, incident happenedat college the first firstsemester in college.I was put on a maintenance program to docampus maintenance fora few days before school started.In at the end of that day whenclasses were supposed to start the next day,my supervisor calls me and says,nerve, Your English is not too good.But I have some good advice for you.When you get the class tomorrow.And the teacher or the faculty member,professor calls on, you.Just say bullshit in us it.Thank you, sir. How do you spell that?Well, I looked that up in Webster's.I couldn't find it.And so I asked my roommate and he said,not a good idea.They say competition isgood because that's the best of you.In high school. I did.Okay. But here in college,I saw students,mathematics students justflying through equations.Heard operas sung by student.And I noticed my chemistry professorhad received his PhD fromthe University of Chicagoand had gone to college and just three years.And he received his PhD from,from Henry told mewho got the Nobel Prize to next year.Wow, was I impressed?I could have major and Spanish or German.That would've been okay.But I thought it would be a cop-out.I chose chemistry.My dad bought me a one-way ticket to the US.And as a foreign student, I couldnot apply for loans or grants.So I had no money in my pocket.So I work for 75 cents an hour.Swept floors, fixed all houses.Was the lab assistant atChristmas time when everyone else one home.I worked in all the FARC storageand all the buildings on the entire campus.I ran the PA systemand when Dr. MartinLuther King came to campus,I helped them with the microphone.I worked a lot but had no money.I had a single nickel inmy drawer and I saw a nickel every day.The dining hall was closed on Sundays.And so I went tochurch hoping somebody wouldinvite me for lunch.And once they invited me for lunch,I invited me a certaintime and I showed up at that time.Well, I realized I was early.Later on the host has told me.She said, I thought peoplefrom South America or was late.So I invited your early tomake sure that we would be on time.Well, okay.Chemistry is beautiful.I think it's beautiful.What fascinates me is the synthesis isa Pharisee cursing ism campaign buthas iron between two staggeredSokolov bent at 90 rings.Don't worry, I won't go into details of this.And the second thing I was interested inwas the crudebut functioning gas chromatograph,which is also I willnot go into details with that.What I will go into details just alittle bit is this one here.Persistence pays off.After many, many, many, many attempts.She finally agree to a date.I knew she had many suitors,and I knew that I struck gold.Well, learned that her mother wasan accomplished pianistand accomplished organist.Her grandmother was a college graduate.She was a published poet,and she had written the HaslamCollege Alma mater song.I knew that her auntwas a beloved college professor.And the library on campus wasnamed for my goodness.And her great unclewas president of Macpherson college.Education, was in their family DNA.Was I lucky to what?Personal and I've been married for 59 years.Well, on the Colorado Water privilege,that was to be in Boulder,Colorado at the University of Colorado.Cu as we call it.See you. Colorado University hasan absolutely stunning settingwith a flat arms in the background.I'll learn some lessons whenI'm at the university.When studying. There's power in routine.When you sit inthe same room, the same chair,the same desk, the same fan runs quietly.Music placed in the background.The lamb shines from the same angle.Texas Open. Then your entire bodycalls it just study.So the book you see on the left side,that's that was my chemistry Bible,inorganic advance and organic chemistry.And the one on the right sideis organic chemistry,which I loved just as much.Once a music major came by to visit with me.And I told himall my chemistry after one here.So what is this good for?I said, oh my goodness, yeah,something about intellectual inquiryabout possible future use.Who knows, is blankstare told me to change the subject.Our daughter, Heidi, was born in Boulder,Colorado way back whenthe lesson that I learnedwas about active learning.And in grad school,I enrolled in the advanced organiclaboratory dock.The Richter was my professor.He was close to retirement,but he's a wonderful instructor.He instilled in mea lifelong appreciation for active learning.Active learning. Everyone Rishithe tests up with a liquid in it.And these instructions identifiedthis liquid withoutthe use of instrumentation.Can't use enhancement, just chemistry.Well, when I came tohis office for consultation,he immediately asked what color is it like?Brown. Any odor?No.Is it acidic?Yes.How do you know phenolphthalein is positive?Is it an aliphatic or aromatic acid?I don't know, but I guess Icould run a titration tofind out good You might try to do it.Could be any base in it.No. Or if it's acidic,it won't have any base.You're on your way.Notice three things about him.He always ask question, never gave answers.Number 2, he Iwas constantly on call no matter what,almost like whole number 3.I had no time to take notes,but I'm remembered everything he said.Years later.Realize the LOD research had beendone quite active asopposed to passive learning.For instance, Derek Bok in 1986 anddon't lecture but preparetheir students to engage.Engage has grown turns181991 said the graders students involvement.The greater students acquisitionof knowledge.Incidentally, Dr. Rick, just daughter,was in my class way back in graduate school.She would'vebeen a medical center for many years.On got the knower here sometimeBethel College and bought meone time to come back and teach.At Bethel.Asked my advisor, he gave me an answer.That was not an answer,but I knew what to do.He said 80 to 90 percent ofpeople who take such opportunitydo so and never come back tofinish their degree. I had my answer.The University of Colorado hada wonderful RPS program and aren't serious.Mackey halls we call them.We experienced among many, many other things,such people as Richard Tucker,remember 10 or Richard Parker, anybody?Jane Goodell, James Galway,and for silica take pianolessons and organ lessons.To this day are homeless,filled with classical music.People who come to our house that,that's always music going.And the Indianapolis symphony orchestrais prime and our life.And achieve. Eci.I'm getting to learn a share.I think I hadjust done the power fortuitous coincidences.My research advisor graduateschool was Dr. Keller.He took them about a note that he saw inthe bulletin board from Indiana University.Remember there was no email,no, no internet, no nothing.So I went down, looked at it and it's atIndiana University is looking forSpanish speaking PhD chemistsjust spent two years in Lima, Peru.And then later on joinedthe department in Indianapolis.That was fortunate.Fortunate because number one,we advise a saw, then told me about it.Number two, that wasabout the finished my PhD.And number three, I spoke Spanishwhere the program wasposition to improvethe basic scientists and Lima,Peru. At the university.The Big Ten universitieswere all supposed to spotsupply one faculty member andeach field and send them to Peru?Well, I after it became clearthat I was going to be,but Indiana was in our future.My adviser asked me if I knew,but Frank Walter.I did not. He said, Well,I took material libraryand you show them the volumes and bombs,the books that Frank Wild,your head Britain said,well that's impressive.So 1967, I flew toIndiana to interview Jim East,Joseph Taylor, and Frank Walter.Anybody remember those names?Some of those are correct. Good. Thank you.Jimmy should also took me to Bloomingtonfor more talks and more calls to Madison,Wisconsin because that's wherethe headquarters for the national brand was.I noticed that we're interested in menot because I was a good chemist,but simply because I spoke Spanish.Take advantage of me. I wasaccepted by you because there wasno IUPUI and those age well,Peru, what a wonderful place thatwas a love Peru.Peru. I hada grand time teaching and consulting.We were catapulted from being simple,brightest students to an opulent life.A huge house.The yonder Nietzche camewith a car that came withthe Gartner, came with a maid.We had frequent socialist with PCOS hours.Anybody remember piece cuffs hours.And we've met the shake your shin Moorishof Lima, Peru.I knew that to work efficiently.I had no choice, but plain.Because I had to consult with faculty,I had to teach and to order books,select candidates to go to the US forSatish, an order equipment.And most of the programs,they liked the order two ofeach equipment to use,one for parts when the bone breaks.And we had weekly radio communication,shortwave radio communications with Madison,Wisconsin where the headquartersof the, of the grant.Anybody remember shortwave,greater social life.We entertain the lot andour homes and on restaurants.And this includethat rather close relationshipwith the pokey Maury,who was a colleague ofours in the math department.No, I don't remember the name,but there could be more, buthe became a politician.Sin was president under prove.What a wonderful experience upwas in our daughter.Tanya was born in Lima, Peru.The IU Extension Center,as it was then called,was scattered amongst sometall old buildings throughout downtown,like this building right herefor a meeting and another building.You drove to a building,went to the elevator,talk to the lady sittingbehind on a chair and indy elevator.And she asked what floor.So we're told what floor.She close a double doorand then turn a brash, shiny handle.And the entire assembly began to moveslowly and quite noisily.Anybody remember that? You're not?Nobody says all of us. I am.This is the only building still standing,900 to North Meridian.Now, I don't know if you ever go back,take a look at it because it'sa turn at the top.That's where I had my office.The building had a whatwe call a copy machine.In those days, it was calledthe photo static machine.Located in his secretary'soffice for safekeeping.When I need a copy, I talkedto her about it and she said,Come back here and I'll show you how wemultiply the terminology of surf.Different. Frank Walsh andworked here for close to 15 years.Becoming a world renowned chemist.He was invited all overthe world for his talks about chemistry.He did his research not on this campus.There were no laboratories,but he does research atthe Eli Lilly and Company library downtown.When he retired.The universe is simply said,we need your office keys by Monday.That was it. And Isaid something's got to change.So when I'm becameAssociate Dean of the faculties,I nominated him for an honorary degree,which you receive the commencement and990 that same day.Mayor hadn't it proclaimed that day.Frank, watch a day in the net plus visuals.We had visuals like the slide rule.And the only way gratuitousby chain that big slide rule,merit is my homeroom LA one-on-one.Ology Forum members that room,solar was becomingthe technology room on campus.Hollinger find that all the technologymostly behind the scenes.Here we have three screensand close up camera.And we could do all kinds of magic like this.Burning of the Hindenburg,didn't remember the Hindenburg.So we're going to try to make that workhere at grain again,I'm going to acknowledge thatthe replica got the napkin paper.Kind of like a panic.Like, oh my god, like me.And encoding, undermining bad-mouth.The parable that well,okay, we better stop that.Gets really excited.Because we had a lotof fun bringing faculty membersfrom all over the country.And let me see if I can get backto something that isn't isn't right?Yeah, This one here. Let's see,Brian, how do I do this here?Now? Try to work on this.Brian, can you do iswe'll just skip it, I guess.Go back this one,not try that and it didn't work. Okay.We'll just go on. You know,when you have a new faculty member,what doesn't ask themselvesabout the new faculty member?They say, I don't care how much you know,but I want to know how much youcare where their main thingshave changed since the days I taught.But something has not changed.And that is affective domain of teaching.The affective domain of teaching.Initially, my goal wasto teach simply content.I believe in Christa McAuliffe,when she said,I touch the future, I teach.And somebody else said,if you want to teach chemistry toChris, get the milk, Chris.And somebody else said.Research shows that the top attributesof respect the teachers are three,care, enthusiasm, knowledge in that order.And that order, care enthusiasm, knowledge.What a student of mine came to me.Your name was Mona.She came to me with aquestion that I think Dumb funit a face reflectthat the agony that she was going through.I had been teaching for many years was notprepare for the question whenshe asked me, Professor,you believe in abortion, My goodness,unmarried pregnant parents,amending an abortion helps move out.She came more than a student.She was now a young person in need.At times like these are sometimesreflect on the bible verse.James 31 is, let's,not many of you become teachers.That not many of you become teachers.For, you know, that weteach will be judged with greater strictness.Let's kind of intimidating person.While preparing for class,I had three files for each day.One for Lecture 1 for demonstrations,and one for storesthat will late that a subject.But mostly to relieve the mind.And I had all kinds ofthings such as this one here.This is a bakery. You seea liquid at the bottom here.And pretty soon we'llhave another liquid being poured in.And notice that the interfacebetween those two liquidsdoes not, they don't mix.You notice the interface right there is awhite that's where youhave my lawn being forum.And so when they pull it out,There's nylon just like that.Anyhow. Back to mono.Do I believe in abortion?I stress the importanceof listening to a conscience.Life is precious.While a year later,Mona came back to my officewith their baby in arms,introduced me to their baby.She had moved out as a father required,but she sent her father an eight foot longFather's Day card andsoon was invited to move back home again.Well, I hand and number students,25 thousand students or so, give or take.And the 25000 students,I had maybe two incidents ofcheating that I know off maybe not.We suspect that a group of studentswere cheating on the exam.But we couldn't prove it.So until we saw the computer print out,and each print out show that each student,these three students hadthe same answer, same answer.So I called him and I had my sheets ready.I hadn't witness observe what we're doing.And I showed him the evidence.Three apologized, and one denied it.A year later,somebody just walking up and down my office.I was a student, identifiedhimself as a student whohad cheated a year ago,came to me and said,I'm sorry, I apologize.Shook my hand andsaid he had donea lot of growing up in this past year.In other student came tome and said he's not doing so well.With class. Said, Well, what can we do?So I said, well,I'll try to help you so on.But he didn't listen much.He just gave me the spoonat the top but a spoon there was a gazelle.Kind of intricate carving.Yes. What do you mean?Anxious. I want you to have this.Okay. I took and put it on my shelf.At the end of semester, hecame back to me again.You said I got a D in the class as well.What about it? Check my record.He said No, no, no. What about that thing?He says, oh my goodness,What just happened? I was being bribed.Being bribed. So I got up,got that thing and gave it to him.But he walked out before he took that.I still have like gazelle.We had the opportunity to putmy class on public television, on PBS.And we tape then.And we hand. For 10 years.This ran on public television. Kinda fun.Distance education became my passion,just an absolute passion with me.And soon I was invited bya national agency that doworkshops for faculty onteaching and learning biotechnology.Wow. But do you knowthe thing that I always thoughtin my mind, constantly.Constantly. How do you teach laboratories?Why Edison's laboratory?Well, the best thing to do is to organizea national conference onteaching laboratories by a distance.So we did that. I appliedfor branch atthe National Science Foundation.I got the grant after I increased the budget,increase at their request.Retina. Okay. So wehad some 50 peopleshow up from throughout the world.50 people from Australia,from Canada, from the UK,from the US, andthe Open University in England.Anybody knows the Open University?Big, big technology on French.Anyhow. Wonderful time.We now Rana to track chemistry course,one on television and one on on-site.And we develop the series oflabs that students could do at home.Home, technology was major,safety was a major issue.But this result in an extensive paperthat we did in the Journal ofChemical Education.After watching that PBS series Cosmos.Anybody remember cosmos from many years ago?We decided then by Carl Sagan,see what he would say.He accepted except that Paul text.So we also went all over campus and we hadan eight foot bannerprepared that we placed onMichigan road so people couldsee Carl Sagan coming to campus.But weren't defined a venuelarge enough with the expected audience.We finally decidedthe IUP UI basketball arenawould be the place to go.That's what we did. And we hadthe largest indoor campusgathering ever onthis campus even to this day,hopefully. You noticed that drove him.Here's Carl Sagan. As Idrove him from campus,from place to place for all this talk that hegave and people wanted tomeet him and things like that.At 1 being asked me, Would you stop the car?Sir? Okay. So hewanted to talk. Here's what he said.Was quiet for a long time.But then he said, areyou religious? Said Yes.He said, Do you believe in God?Do he said, is there an afterlife?I said I believe so. Quiet again.You looked off of this space andfunny said, I think you're right.You're right. I wonder if heknew at that time this was in 1993.And by this terminal illness that he had,he may have known, thatled to his death in 1996.He was just 62. To me, that's just a kid.I grew up in Paraguay where 1953,a change in government took place.But not, not bad ballots.But by bullets. Believe me,I heard the bullets.I learn then way backthen that people need to be consulted.I worked in Indonesia for several summers.And we had a wonderful opportunitythat you're convinced this young student at.And because N80 to come to IUPUI,she unroll the School of Medicine and I hada batch or her preparedness.But she was a top student.She was a dozen students that have lived inour house for a semester or so.Helping others is paramount in my books.For many summers, I gradedthe advanced placement exams.I don't know if you know,AP advanced placement exams.I did a long time to makesure every paper was great accurately.We were given the same papers which gave itthe day before to grade them again.Wow. And then the next time we will givenpapers that the table later hadgraded to see if you grade them again,grade them, and see ifthat comes out to be the same.Accuracy was expected of me.That's the lesson that I'm ratherthan for several years I opera,It's science enterprises company,published books.Eventually, McGraw Hill soughtand the bought the rights to it.I must channel my excess energythat ashamed to be having.Here's an interesting one.I had a good time doingcartoons. All kinds of crypto.This is Crick and Watson sitting at the desk.They call it, the courts are coiled up here.And Crick says, Hey, Watson,I just had an idea.I see, looks at this thing here.That's how they discovered it.For several years, I communicate with Dr.Monk no moments and peel his book,The power of positive thinking may knowthe book made a huge impact on my life.Life-changing opportunity.Contrary to my verygood and accomplished friendMaria Donaldson,the audience here, I decide to leavechemistry for awhile andapply for the Dean of Faculty,Associate Dean for faculty's office.That's where I got the know withpeople like them bot I'm,she's here someplace, someplace.And many, many good people in anything Ilearned and administration I got fromBill plater with my boss or quality years.And you saw Bill Payer?Our duties for me.Internal grants, workshops, faculty,consultations, awards,technology and curriculum.It's just it's a promotionand tenure sabbatical decisions.With gray at the Centerfor Teaching and Learning,Officer Women senior academy.Senior academy was createdby both flagrant than those days,minority faculty popped up on my goodness,there's so many things, yeah.Of course, we went to conferences also.There's a conference in Breckenridge,Colorado where we findjust a little time for personal events.This is build plate oron Jared Becker and then churn Hamilton.A major event in my life inthose days was when I was invited byHarvard University to participate inthe Institute Educational Management.I am, as they called it,just studied leadership, people in programs,financing, and planning for the future.Thereafter, my administrative appointmentsseem to come one after the other.I became Associate Vice Presidentfor distributed education.It pointed to developpedagogy onall eight campuses and the IU system.Then Jury Beck gone.He was president of IU at a time.He called me one time.He said, Would you be interested inprovost at each campus?Sir? Oh, wow.What are the issues at IU East?He said, Well, I'm not going to tell you.But it's like takingyour hand and sticking ina hornets nest on like that.I'll take that. I tookthe position and got to know Mary Blake.She'll cheat here someplace.I don't know where she is.And wonderful people like that,just absolutely wonderful people learn later.That was a fourth person with my title inone year in one year issues.And then I received the call fromCOCOMO about being deanfor ATS and scientists.Well, we did a lot of work and we splitthe school to Arts and Sciences.And a point of needingan ancient Christian charade was here.He is still the Dean of Science,School of Science and COCOMO.After some years,Chancellor Search and make your Psyche.She asked me to lunch andshe asked if I'd be Dean ofSchool of Business fitness.Was supposed to be a one-year appointmentor you como with five-years plus.Here's the lesson that I learned.When a Chancellor Washington lunch.Remember, it's not a free lunch.After my retirement.I don't third or fourth retirement.I was contacted by the college's president ofManchester Gaussian or anoncologist about being a CEO.Pour forth, demand our grant that theyhad received from Lilly Endowmentto duplicate the Campus PeaceStudies Initiative in Indianapolis.I was most intrigued that duty of animalis going to be on staff. My goodness.You ever had a chance to see you atJody abandoned listened to her.It's just absolutely fascinatingto listen to somebody like that.She was supposed to be here buthad an emergency or simple.I was most intrigued by that.But we had created a cons from scratch.Find students, find housing, find offices,find faculty, and work withthe board all to create peace house.Well, the philosophy of peaceus resignation, my personal philosophy.In the 1970's, the IU extension, etc.Remember there was no IUPUI in those days.They had a policy about teaching.Sure. We hiring forteaching in if you have time,do some research, you want to casual.I observed my older colleagueswho did not the researchand were not promoted.The message to me was clear.The research at half a dozen students or so.And that's the, remember each one of them byname from 19 seventiesor sixties, I don't know.We had great fun,published some papers with Frank Walsh,a republish the bookorganic reagents for copper.Soon I was invited to give a talk atthe University of Moscow andthe Soviet Union. How do you get there?The Soviet Unioncarefully became involved withthe Journal of ChemicalEducation and publishedseveral papers and wasasked to be a reviewer for that journal.Lo and behold,I was fully promoted by Thomas 37,I couldn't believe it. Doing my retirement.I have published six articles,as was said, in peer reviewed journals.Data for this work was set asidewhen I went to administration.But look at this data again,after I was retard,thought it was worth publishing at Socolow,Science Librarian Schneiderlinkage here in the audience,some place to check the literature.For the last decade,deceive work had been done on these topics.And he said, This is fine.So in two cases,I contact my former studentswho were co-authors on papers,and they both agreed to work on them again.So Linda Hill and Roger Miller,Thank you for your cooperationand after many years.And now I'm happy going backto the chemistry all of us every dayusing bankers hours for several summers.Work than the JimmyCarter Habitat for Humanity.We worked in places likeArizona and South Dakota, Kentucky.Hillary Clinton came to see us there,even went to Europe andso on. Had a good time.What would he always work the number one,some other house it butwonderful time we had there.When thinking about the meaning of life.Think of Steve Jobs.Steve Jobs in his decline days.He kind of saw the essence of life.He said, whether you wear a watch that has$300 or $30, doesn't matter.They both tell the same time.Will tell the same time.That's the essence of life To me.I learn that happiness doesnot come from material things,but from good relationships, right?I had a major advantage in life.I was born poor. I didn't know what.My wife grew up in a wheat farm.What we both sharedthe same philosophy. We'd like to help.We consider money a tool, not a goal.It does not buy happiness,but it can make others happy.We don't follow sports.We don't wear expensive.Watch us to a close.We eat at low-cost restaurants.And I drive a pickup truckthat's 13 years old.There's no HE our willssays We have four children,three biological children, and one that'scalled Getting to cherryin our attorney right here,make peak knows about that.He crafted a language for that.When our children turned 16,we did something special with them.Our oldest mocked hot air balloons.So she got a hot air balloon byour second daughter wasin into deep-sea aquatic life.So she went we went toFlorida Keys for snorkel.Are sung, wasn't a skiing.So went to ski in Switzerland.We now have extendedthat same gift to our grandchildren.Our oldest, we took the Oregon.The next one, we took on a cruise ofthe Rhine for weaker show. The others.One of them was sitting right, you know,naming the place they would like togo. We'd like to help.We give to PBS public toleratingthe Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra minimumat Central Committee to our church,the Gaussian college access andcollege to seminary, Bethel College.And we have establish student andfaculty scholarships at IUPUI,at IU each COCOMO. That's the result.We sometimes get invited bythe President to football games.And I don't even understand football.Or we get invited to recognition banquets,which we go through sometimes and notunlike white chicken much for dinner.But we harmonize withWinston Churchill when he said,We make a living,but what we get, but we make a life,but what we give, whatgives us pleasure is readingthe letters come from studentsand faculty members whohave received assistance.That's an octet generic.I see life like a roll of toilet paper.The closer it gets to the end, what?The faster it goes,the faster it goes. For me.I learned a long time. I go tothe ends of ages gone by.And the anions of ages still to come.I'm placed here at this time, at this place.Deci what might just now.So, you know, I have no experience.I'm being old. My fatherlived to be a 101, goes down or one.He wants told me said,old age does not protect you fromfoolishness. Have to be careful.I have some five end-of-life thoughts.You're ready.Number one, I believe inthe everlasting life of the human spirit.Herrmann. Number two,when my time comes to go,let me go. Shed no tears.What a few tiers might be.Okay. I would liketo donate my body tothe Indiana anatomical educationprogram here at IU.Number 4, celebrate my lifewith the glass Chardonnay.Make sure it's a good Chardonnay.And unlike the Old Testament saying,it was chiseled onthe old student union building.I don't remember members ofbuilding out here. It's across the street.Across the entrance that wasthis disburse was Chez chiseled cheek,just to remember our daysthat we may get a heart of wisdom.Let me take a minute to introduce my family.My wife. Would you please stand maybe?Our oldest daughter, Heidi,is a physical therapist that they sent mea physical therapist at St.Vincent Hospital here in person, sometime.Her husband, one, I'msuch an administrator at IPS.And are their daughterare most beautiful granddaughter.Greater, good.And we don't havewe don't have our second daughter.But the second person here is on daughter.Hi, Tanya. Who couldn't come.She's in Colorado. Colorado.She has obligations out there.And then our last one is Eric.He's the youngest, the baby,who's a faculty memberat the University of Denver.Well, one way.So thank you.I hope I can meet many of you.Good.Thank you forthe wonderful reflections at this time.I ask Irv to remain on stage,that is to returning to the stage andinvite case each shell to the state's case.He serves as the Directorof Development for IUPUI,campus wide initiative forthe Indiana University Foundation.And she is subbing forour announced speaker fromthe IU Foundation who hada family emergency and could not come.So there's in your program it's alisted differently. So long.Good afternoon. I'm veryhonored to have the privilege ofjoining you today this afternoonto represent the IU Foundation.Dr. Bossman,your reflections today have trulycaptured the spirit andthe essence of the last lecture series.Your presentation lessons from life for life,from a lifetime of learning is bothinsightful and providesa unique perspective for all of us.Thank you for your dedication, your energy,and your authenticity, which have playeda vital role in makingthis campus what it is today.Since the time you came to IUPUI and 960 a.As the third member ofthe chemistry department atthe Extension Center at themuch discussed 90 to North Meridian.Your leadership and instruction inthe School of Science has touchedthe lives of countless students,faculty, and staff throughoutyour career on campus.I think I can speak for everyone heretoday When I say thank you so much for that,the Indiana University Foundationhas been proud to supportthe IUPUI last lectureseries for the past 12 years.And on behalf of the foundation,I'm honored to recognizethis prestigious occasion withthis honorarium for you today.So thank you so much.And I'll turn it back over to you.Can either social. If ifthis I'm not sure was in here,but if this has money,it goes back through to senior academyfor student scholarships.That is wonderful.And thank you very much.We do.The IUPUI senior academy wouldlike to award you with this plaqueor view our little early to exityesterday because we didn'tlet you read the script.Therefore, you didn't know what comes next.So, and so it is my pleasure to presentyou with a plaque so thatyou not only you don't remember,but it will be part ofthe IUPUI senior academy roomwhere others well,so you are extendingthe arc of senior lecturer,so well, I think people might want to see it.So if you come to my right,I can get okay. All right.Looks better because they mightwant to thank you.Oh, my goodness. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.I would like to bring the 2021 last lectureto a close by thinking the lecturer.Thank you. Erv.I think the office I thinkthe Office of Academic Affairs andthe IU Foundation fortheir support andtheir participation in this gathering.As most of you know,organizing such an event takes time andeffort by those who workbehind the proverbial seen.Please join me to recognizeand thank them fortheir roles in makingthis last lecture a success.Furthermore, I want to thankall of you retirees,active faculty and staff,students and guests who havecome and beenan attentive and gracious audience.I hope that all of you can jointhe lecture and all members ofthe audience for conversation andrefreshment right outside of theatre.I also would like to callattention to the fact that we wouldlike your participation and thinkingabout who to nominate forlast lectures in the future.So call will go outsoon and I hope that you will respondbecause this is one of the thingsthat really has worked or witha more than a decadevery well that we receivenominations from all of the IUPUI campus to,to not only recognize peoplewho can tell us somethingof importance and interest,but also that it allows us an opportunity toget together and talk to each other,which these days husbandmade very hard and therefore,it is a pleasure thistime to be here in person.I hope you take that opportunityoutside where there is a reception.Thank you very much for comingand I hope to see most of you,if not all of you, next time when wecelebrate the next lecture, last lecture.

Past Presentations

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